IMG_2799Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Alice and I am The Sling Doctor.  I trained as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Leicester before moving to Rochester, Kent to take up a Clinical Psychology post in the NHS.  I have always been interested in Attachment Theory and when I became pregnant with my daughter Elsie in 2013 I was keen to find ways of caring for my baby which facilitated skin-to-skin contact, attunement and responsive parenting. I researched baby wearing and came to believe it would be beneficial for my child’s comfort, physical needs and development of a secure base.

What I had not anticipated was how babywearing would benefit my own physical and mental health.  Pregnancy complications resulted in a traumatic birth and a distressing period of separation while we both received emergency medical treatment. Babywearing helped me to reconnect with my baby, to reassure me that we were both safe and, I believe, avoid post-natal depression. As Elsie gradually grew in size I got used to carrying a larger weight on my walks and improved my weight, muscle tone and fitness.  I found babywearing enabled me to make meals and snacks and even go out for the odd meal or drink without having to take a bulky travel system with me.

Because of my own experiences I feel passionate about babywearing and love to enable other people to wear their children.  After volunteering with my local NCT sling library for a year I attended the Slingababy Baby Wearing Consultants Course and decided to set up my own consultancy.

I see babywearing as a therapeutic intervention for babies and children as well as who ever is caring for them.  Whether you feel like you need therapy or not I am happy to help you on your journey together.