Babywearing Workshops


If arranged by participants: 3 Hours: £60 +venue costs

If arranged by me: 3 Hours: £20 per person

Workshops differ from consultations in that the topic is pre-set.  This means that everyone attending the event has agreed they would like to learn the same thing, which enables me to teach up to six people at a time.

Workshop Topics:

  1. An Introduction to Babywearing (Ante-natal version)
  2. An Introduction to Babywearing (Post-natal version)
  3. An Introduction to Babywearing (Older babies)
  4. An Introduction to Wearing your Newborn in a Wrap (covering both stretchy and woven fabrics)
  5. Advanced Front and Hip Wrap Skills
  6. Back Carrying in a Woven Wrap
  7. Getting the Most out of your Ring Sling
  8. Getting the Most out of your Mei Tai
  9. Getting the Most out of your Buckle Carrier

Workshops 1,2 & 3 cover safety information and basic information about the child’s physical and psychological needs either as a newborn (workshops 1&2) or from the age of about four months onwards (workshop 3). I will teach you how to do a simple front carry in a wrap (stretchy in workshop 1&2, woven in 3), Ring Sling, Mei Tai and Buckle Carrier in a way developmentally appropriate for your child. There will be a chance to practice each of these carries and ask questions. Workshop 3 is particularly useful for those starting babywearing with an older baby or child and I welcome childminders, day care providers, foster and adoptive parents as well as biological parents.

Workshop 4 is for people interested in learning how to wrap their newborn.  We will cover the safety information and basic physical and psychological considerations discussed in workshops 1,2,& 3 but focus on stretchy and woven wraps learning two different carries with each (four in total) and ways of tweaking the carries to make them more comfortable for wearer and baby.  I welcome people who have previously attended introductory workshops but these are not pre-requisites for this session.

Workshop 5 is designed for people who want to learn more advanced wrap skills and are caring for babies who are developmentally ready to be carried on the hip (they are naturally straddling your side when you carry them, trying to roll and have good head control).  Ideally participants will have attended one of my previous workshops (any of 1-4) or visited me for a private consultation where I have taught them wrapping skills but this is not essential if they have well established self- taught skills.

Workshop 6 Is designed for people with well established wrapping skills and babies who are able to sit independently. Participants need to have previously attended workshop 4 or 5 or have previously had a private consultation with me where I have taught them detailed woven wrap skills.

Workshops 7, 8 &9 are designed to teach front, hip and back carry skills with a Ring Sling (7), Mei Tai (8) or Buckle Carrier (9).  I would not advise back carries using these carriers with babies who are not able to sit independently so you may prefer to wait until your baby is able to do this before attending one of these workshops. These sessions are suitable for people who have previously attended one of my Introduction to Babywearing Workshops, but this is not essential.

Everyone who has attended a workshop will be entitled to a reduced price follow-up private consultation.

If you would like a workshop focusing on a different topic, please contact me to discuss your needs.