One to One Babywearing Consultation

One to One Babywearing Consultations

In Depth Consultation

Up to 90 Minutes: £30

A session tailored to meet you and your baby’s needs.  We will discuss your Babywearing needs, options, practicalities and safety issues.  Then you will chose one or two options to learn and practice in session.  Where possible we will use the demonstration dolls to teach the skills and build up your confidence before introducing your child to the sling and building up their confidence. Please see my case studies for examples of consultations.

Ideal for:

  • If you are new to babywearing, don’t know where to start and would like to see all the options.
  • If  you want to learn a skill such as using a wrap for the first time.
  • If you are used to using a wrap or carrier but want to progressing to something more advanced like back carries.

What’s included:

  • A pre-consultation email or telephone conversation to ascertain your needs.
  • Up to 30 minutes of my travel time both ways.
  • 90 minute consultation including safety advice, assessment of your needs, demonstration of options, teaching of skills, use of demonstration dolls and slings.
  • A copy of my consultation notes.
  • A letter to your GP (optional).
  • Being written up as a case study (optional).
  • A brief email follow-up if required.
  • Reduced length and price follow up consultations.

Maternity Package 

2x 60 Minute Sessions: £50

A lovely gift for an expectant mother/father/primary care giver.  This package includes one hour of consultation before the arrival of your baby where we discuss safe babywearing practices and teach you how to use a Stretchy Wrap, Close Parent Caboo or Buckle Carrier with  a demonstration doll.  After the arrival of your child, once you are ready, we meet again, either to refine your skills in using your chosen carrier, or if you prefer, to look at other babywearing options.

Follow-up Consultations

Once you have attended one of the full consultations sessions, or both of the maternity package sessions a reduced length and price consultation may meet your needs.  Please contact me to discuss how long you will need for your specific enquiry.