Case Study 1: Victoria and George


Victoria attended her Sling Doctor consultation on a hot day in July with her 8 week old baby George. George was born full term, was not underweight and is developing as expected. Victoria is recovering well from the birth and also has an energetic toddler and a dog to keep up with.  They had been using a beautiful hybrid 1-way stretchy wrap by Wrapsody in the traditional Pocket-Wrap-Cross-Carry (PWCC) style.

PWCC Optimisation

Victoria asked for advice on the PWCC:  She was finding that the fabric on the top rail (edge of the wrap) of the two cross passes nearest her neck and going down over George’s back were quite tight.  This was making them uncomfortable and difficult to flip over her shoulders (to create space around George’s face). Victoria also asked was there was a way of supporting George’s head without tucking it under one of the cross passes? She found that when he was awake he did not want the back of his head covered, this was meaning that she needed to support his head with one of her hands.

Victoria and I went through the basics of the PWCC, looking for places where she might be over-tightening or introducing excess slack in the fabric.  When Victoria placed the Demo doll in the tied wrap we found that the top rail was, as she had said, tight.  However, the top rail of the pocket (the external wrap pass) was slightly loose.  I showed Victoria how to feed the slack from the pocket, along the top rail, round her back to the cross passes on her shoulders and chest.  This relieved the problematic tension and allowed her the space to flip the shoulders of the wrap as she had wanted to.

In order to support George’s head without tucking it under a cross pass we tried rolling up a muslin cloth, placing it over the front of the wrap and folding the top part of the pocket over it so it sat in the nape of his neck.   This enabled Victoria to go ‘hands free’ while George was awake.

Single Layer Carries with a 1-way Stretchy Wrap

Victoria asked if there were any cooler ways of wearing George in the 1-way stretchy wrap.  The PWCC results in three layers of fabric over the baby, which can make it too hot on warm days.  As Victoria’s wrap is a 1-way stretchy and her baby is still relatively light she is able to use carries that only involve one layer of fabric.  I showed her how to do a Front-Wrap-Cross-Carry (FWCC) and a Kangaroo Carry.  As George gets bigger Victoria will notice he begins to slump with just one layer of fabric,which will make the carry less safe.  when this occurs Victoria will need to introduce another layer of fabric or transition over to a woven wrap.

Follow Up

I have sent Victoria links to video tutorials for both the FWCC and the Kangaroo Carry.  I am available to troubleshoot both and will be happy to help her when she reaches the next step in her babywearing adventures.

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