The Difference Between One-Way and Two-Way Stretchy Wraps

The typical method of tying a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) assumes that you are using a two-way stretchy wrap, this means that the fabric stretches along the length of the fabric and across the width. When this is the case you can tie your wrap so it fits like a skin-tight top, then rely on the ‘stretch’ and your baby’s weight to give enough to accommodate your child.

Not all stretchy wraps are ‘two way’; some only stretch across their width or ‘one way’. These will stretch to accommodate your child width ways, but not length ways. This means you will need to ‘fit’ the length of your wrap to your child, this means you will require a slightly different technique.

How do I tell if my Wrap is a One-Way or a Two-Way Stretchy Wrap?

If you already have a stretchy wrap you can tell whether or not it is a two way stretchy wrap by taking a section (not the hem) of fabric which is exactly parallel with the top or bottom edge and attempting to stretch it. If it is a ‘Two-Way’ then it will stretch, if it is a ‘One-Way’ then it will not. (If you take a section at a right angle, across the width, this will stretch for both a one way and a two way stretchy wrap).

If you have not yet bought your stretchy stretchy wrap you should be able to tell by looking at the sellers/manufacturers website. I’ve listed the most common brands below*:

One-Way Stretchy Wraps

Two-Way Stretchy Wraps

Which is Better?

It really is down to personal preference.  The one way stretchy wraps require a little bit more work in the initial set-up when you are doing a pre-tied carry but some people prefer the fit that this gives them.  Be aware that there are other differences between wraps (regardless of whether their stretch is one or two way) in terms of how stretchy and thick they are which you may also wish to consider before making a purchase.

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