Double Layer Stretchy Wrap Carries 

I have previously written about Single Layer Carries in a Stretchy Wrap.  These can be made safe if the baby is light enough, or the wrap supportive enough, to hold the baby in position and prevent them from slumping. 
 When your baby becomes too heavy for one layer of stretchy wrap to support them adequately you can move on to double layer carries.  These have the benefit of added support while remaining cooler than the traditional three layer stretchy wrap carries.


As with the single layer stretchy wrap carries please make sure baby is well supported by the wrap, their airway is visible and clear, they are not slumped and their chin is off their chest at all times.  

 Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry 

This carry involves one wrap pass and one cross pass.  I believe the combination of wrap and cross passes makes the carry more secure than two wrap passes or two cross passes would be. It is tied at the shoulder with a Slipknot. I found my Slipknot was more ‘slippery’ with a stretchy wrap so you may find it needs extra tightening. The Slipknot is useful for being able to easily tighten after the baby is secure. 

Backwards Semi-Wrap Cross Carry

The passes used in this carry are the same as in the Semi Wrap Cross Carry but the way this carry is tied gives you an inbuilt head support for your baby and replaces the shoulder Slipknot with a hip/back located flat reef knot.  It is not as easy to pass excess slack though a reef knot as it is a Slipknot but it is not difficult either. 

Once you feel your baby is no longer adequately supported by two stretchy wrap layers please move on to three layers or a woven wrap! 

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