Video Tutorial: Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC)



The Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC) is a 2-cross-pass-hip-carry with a Slipknot finish. It gets its name because there is never more than one layer of fabric on the wearer at any time (and just 2 on the baby). This version is described as ‘inside out’ because the second pass is taken inside the outer pass, this is not necessary but I find it makes tightening easier and I like having the outermost pass closest to my back. 


The CHCC can be achieved with a size 3 or 4 wrap depending on your size (I am using a size 3) you can do it with a longer wrap but you will need to tie up the tails to prevent them becoming a trip hazard.  


This carry is one my personal favorites.  It is easy to tie and you do most of the work before putting your child in. The Slipknot means you can adjust and tighten to suit you both.  It can be worn on your chest or your side and you can move between the two positions without re-tying.  

Crucially, for getting in and out of the car, or indecisive toddlers, it is poppable meaning that once tied, you can pop child in and out.


Hip carries are not suitable from birth.  Your child needs to be developmentally ready to have their hips ‘open’.  You can tell by looking at whether your baby is rolling or trying to roll and by how you are naturally carrying them without a wrap.  If you find that you and baby are naturally walking around with them on your hip, with their legs straddling your middle then they are ready.  

As always, make sure that baby’s airway is clear and you are able to monitor them by looking at their face, Check they have access to their hands, that the fabric is smooth on their back and they are not slumped in the sling. Make sure they are supported knee-to-knee and that their bottom is lower than their knees. If your child wants their arms out then make sure you have tightened the sling with them in this position.

Please let me know what you think of the video 

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